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E-collar Alternatives for Cats!

E-collar Alternatives for Cats!

Dear readers,

Anyone who knows a cat well, knows that cats are incomparable to any living thing that ever was or ever will be. They are entirely unique! They have the most particular tastes, and the most particular likes and dislikes. They don’t like change, and they don’t tolerate new things. Despite their obstinance, by some unknown twist of fate, we have had great success with our cat patients in our recovery wear as an e-collar alternative!

Unlike in people, the gestation period for a cat is very short. Cats can become pregnant and give birth to as many as 10 kittens within a few months. Given this information, you could see how a cat population can get out of control very quickly!  Regardless of their wishes, cats need to be spayed and neutered. This will leave them with an incision on their abdomen or scrotum that needs some time to heal. While a cat probably wishes to remain naked for their entire life, some sort of protective measure must be put in place to prevent these cats from licking at the incisions.

If given the choice, I like to think a cat would choose a cotton shirt with an open back (VetMedWear) over a large, invasive plastic cone (e-collar) surrounding their face.

The e-collar can often impede their ability to eat and drink normally. Puppies often gobble up their kibble, but I know a lot of cats who gingerly lick at their canned food as if it has feelings. This can make eating a process easily disrupted. Our VetMedWear does not impede eating of any style!

While wearing our garments, cats can still lick their paws, chew their nails and groom their face as they like to do. When they attempt to lick their incision through the fabric, they do not receive the sought-after sensation of relief. Without instant gratification, they tend to give up quite quickly and go back to chasing toys and eating your hair or whatever means of entertainment they find joy in!

Another frequent cause for hesitation regarding cats and VetMedWear is the common knowledge that most cats are tiny contortionists and escape artists. With this in mind, we have gone through several prototypes to carefully design our garments to be suitable for cats. The unique design with tied backs and a tailored fit prohibits them from wiggling out of the garment.  

In addition to all these perks of using VetMedWear on cats, there is one more crucial perk that I like to mention! They look really flippin’ cute in their little outfits.



Shelby, RVT and kitten schmoozer

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