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Stable Table Mats

Stable Table Mats

Dear readers,

You know the sound. The sound of slip sliding nails from little paws on tables and counters. It doesn’t matter what material your exam or treatment room tables are made off. They are solid. And for good reason. The idea is to maintain cleanliness in a space often assaulted with fur, dirt, and all manner of your veterinary patients bodily fluids. These tables are easy to clean.

But then, there’s that sound. Little feets slip and slide as they lean into their owners while they stand on the table. Or as they reach up on their hind legs to give you sniffs and kisses. It is also a cold surface. For little animals, especially nervous ones, the cold is not appreciated – I’m sure. For decades, Veterinary Teams have sought a solution.

We have used towels. Towels help minimize sliding and cold, but they also lead to copious amounts of laundry. Laundry leads to lost time, manual labour, and excessive hydro. Towels also don’t please the eye aesthetically. In my experience, Vet Clinic towels are often old donated towels full of holes, stains and dangling threads.

We have used yoga mats and the like. These start out as a great fix! Until the nails in question gouge holes and craters into the yoga mats. Suddenly they become highly inefficient in the way of cleaning. Paper towels break apart, and table spray pools.

We have used bathmats. These lead to a disastrous combination of laundry, holes, craters, stains, and pools!

VetMedSolutions has come up with a solution! As we often do! Behold our Stable Table Mats. The mats are non-slip, non-porous, easy to clean, and highly durable to withstand the wear and tear from animals. In a time when anxiety reduction in veterinary patients is high priority, these mats are a fantastic solution.

Our mats are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a medical grade material with antimicrobial and tear resistant properties. Sound familiar? That’s because PVC is the same material used in hospitals for blood intakes, catheters, heart-lung bypass sets, and a number of other medical tubing applications which must meet high tear resistance standards. The Stable-Table Mat's medically approved material maximizes its tear strength while maintaining a balance of softness to ensure comfort for pets.

The mats are easy to clean with your common table sprays such as Prevail. Please note that Isopropyl Alcohol may cause patterns to fade if the mats are regularly cleaned with it. Having said that, if you get some drip drops of alcohol from use for venipuncture, it should not cause damage.

The mats come in a variety of patterns, including our recently created Holiday themed patterns! Our patterns aren’t for you? You can request a unique customized mat with your practice logo on it for an additional one time only $40 set up fee, and a minimum purchase of 4 mats. They’re great for functionality and marketing purposes. Try using them on your scales as well!

The mats come in 4 standard sizes:

Small – 18x26” (Small Scales)

Medium – 18x33” (Medium Scales)

Large - 21x36” (Exam Tables)

Extra Large – 24x40” (Large Exam Tables)

Be sure to measure your tables and scales to ensure you are getting the most appropriate size. If none of the standard sizes work for you, can also customize sizes to suit your needs!

Why not try out a mat? If they could, your little patients would thank you.


Shelby, RVT and occasional groomer

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