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Stable-Table Mat | Veterinary Nonslip Exam Table Mat

$34.99 USD

Dog on veterinary exam table
Veterinary table mat in exam room Dog on veterinary exam table Cat clipping nails in animal hospital Stable-Table Mat | Veterinary Nonslip Exam Table Mat Stable-Table Mat | Veterinary Nonslip Exam Table Mat Stable-Table Mat | Veterinary Nonslip Exam Table Mat Doghouse and pawprint veterinary mat Bone, heart, tennis ball veterinary mat Pawheart table mat Pawprint exam table mat Stable-Table Mat | Veterinary Nonslip Exam Table Mat


The Stable-Table Mat by VetMedSolutions is a high-quality exam table mat designed to stabilize pets on exam tables, scales, and other clinic surfaces leading to a more stress-free veterinary visit.

Unlike other mats, the Stable-Table Mat is specifically designed for use in animal hospitals by making it non-slip, easy to clean, and highly durable to withstand the wear and tear from animals. 

Processing Time

Due to the large number of designs and sizes that we offer, all Stable-Table Mat orders are made on demand and can take up to 1 week to ship. 

  • Sizes
  • Materials
  • Care & Cleaning
  • The Stable-Table Mat by Available in four sizes and various patterns:

    1) Small - 18x26" (Small Scales)

    2) Medium - 18"x33" (Medium Scales)

    3) Large - 21"x36" (Exam Tables)

    4) X-Large - 24"x40"

  • Our mat is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a medical grade material with antimicrobial and tear resistant properties. PVC is the same material used in hospitals for blood intakes, catheters, heart-lung bypass sets, and a number of other medical tubing applications which must meet high tear resistance standards. 

    The Stable-Table Mat's medically approved material maximizes its tear strength while maintaining a balance of softness to ensure comfort for pets. 

  • We recommend using a bleach-based cleaner for best results and a magic eraser for stubborn stains. High alcohol-based cleaners should be avoided since the alcohol can dilute the ink and fade the graphic overtime. If alcohol drips or spills onto the mat, it will not fade the pattern providing it is removed rapidly and the substance is not firmly rubbed in, it is best to try and dab the area with an absorbent paper towel.

    The bottom layer is made from high density foam soaked in antimicrobial solution. It may absorb water or liquid. We recommend cleaning it with soap and water by letting it soak and gently rubbing the surface. Do not rub hard as this may alter the structure of the padding. Dry the bottom thoroughly in room temperature before placing the mat back onto the table.


Reduces stress and anxiety for pets by providing a better surface grip

Easy to disinfect by wiping the surface or handwashing

Non-skid padded bottom layer secures and stabilizes mat onto surfaces

Increases professionalism

Custom Mats

The Stable-Table mat can be customized with your logo to any size and design. Please contact us for more information. 


"Thank you for making the Stable Table Mats. We use the Pebble pattern and it's working out very well. They don't slip, the pets don't slip and the pattern looks great. They are easy to clean and always look new. Honestly, the white background mats were also very functional but hard to keep clean. Problem solved with the new designs. I think we'll try the Grass design next :) Thanks, VetMedWear!"

– Dr. Laura Betts, Parkdale Animal Hospital

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the table mats we received! They make our exam rooms look very professional and inviting :) I am hoping we will have more orders in the future!"

– Connie Boudreau, Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital

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