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Trusted by 5,000+ veterinary hospitals for post-operative care.


Recovery Redefined

VetMedWear® Recovery Garments are a modern-day solution to the e-collar proven to improve recovery outcomes.

Less Stress, Higher Compliance

Ear Wrap

A snug, no-fuss ear wrap designed for aural hematoma recovery. An elastic compressive top band and under-chin straps ensure a secure fit.

Body Suits

Form-fitting and stretchable for optimal protection and comfort. Features a full-length zipper for ease of use and breathable fabric.

Leg Wrap

Designed for orthopedic recoveries, secures and protects bandaging. Adjustable ties ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Premium Fabric Designed for Recovery

E-Collar vs VetMedWear®

In a study by the University of Sydney, 31% of pets removed the e-collar by themselves and 89% of pet parents removed the e-collar at some point during the recovery. VetMedWear® is a stress-free solution which significantly improves compliance and protection.

"About 90% of the time, my clients choose VetMedWear! We have found we have a much higher owner compliance rate and have dramatically reduced the post-op complications by using VetMedWear.”

– Dr. Jim Bader, Veterinarian, Mapleview Animal Hospital

"Since we’ve starting using VetMedWear, our post-operative patients seem to be much calmer and happier and so are the owners. Patient and owner compliance is also higher."

– Wanda, Office Manager, Radbill Animal Hospital

Veterinary Hospitals

Improve compliance and reduce patient stress by offering VetMedWear® Recovery Garments to your clients. See better recovery outcomes and gain peace of mind knowing your clients are protected with our veterinary-grade solutions.

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Pet Parents

Gain peace of mind knowing your pet is safe, protected, and comfortable during their recovery with the trusted veterinary brand. VetMedWear® Recovery Garments offer the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. Next day delivery options available at checkout.


Our Partners

"I was first concerned whether the product would work as well as an e-collar, but I found that the fabrics are high quality and breathable. My clients like it a lot and I would recommend this product as an alternative to e-collars."

– Dr. Hanna, Veterinarian, Collegeway Animal Hospital

"I thought sizing would be an issue, but I was amazed at how small the sizes went! From spaying, to lump removals, to animals with allergies, the dressing fit well and prevent animals from reaching post-surgical areas."

– Elaine, RVT, Pacific Vet Clinic

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