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Oxygen Tent for Animals | For Use at Home or Clinic

$195.00 USD

Oxygen Tent - VetMedWear
Oxygen Tent - VetMedWear Oxygen Tent - VetMedWear


The Oxygen Tent allows anxious patients to receive oxygen therapy in a comfortable and controlled environment. It's the perfect solution for patients who will not tolerate flow-by oxygen or who require longer-term oxygen treatment.


Two ports, for oxygen input and CO2 and output. Windows on both sides to allow for continuous monitoring of the patient. Zippered slot for monitoring leads, as well as a covered, mesh window for quick access if hyperventilation occurs, and a pouch in the bottom for a heating or cooling pad. The bottom has a thin thermal foam layer to protect the animal from cool surfaces. 

Additional Equipment Required

VetMedWear only supplies the Oxygen Tent and the adapting nozzle for the ports. An oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank and connecting tube will have to be purchased separately to operate the Oxygen Tent. 

How to Administer Oxygen

An oxygen tank or any portable oxygen concentrator that can operate 24/7 if necessary that meets the oxygen flow requirements recommended by the veterinarian may be used. Oxygen flow, frequency, and duration requirements depend on the patient and recommendation from the veterinarian. 


We currently do not have any Oxygen Tents for large dogs.

Size Dimensions Patient Size
S 10x8x8" Small rabbit and pocket pet
M 20x13x14" Average cat and small dog
L 31x21x24" Maine coon and middle-sized dog