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Waterproof Veterinary Mat

$135.00 USD

Waterproof Veterinary Mat
Waterproof Veterinary Mat Waterproof Veterinary Mat Waterproof Veterinary Mat Waterproof Veterinary Mat
A more durable and cleanable mat with a 1/2" cushion for added comfort. Made with a puncture resistant and waterproof material that can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down between patients. Also acts as an insulator to help keep patients warm.
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  • • Waterproof
    • Scratch & tear resistant
    • Provides comfort and reduces stress
    • Durable 5 layer material
    • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial foam
    • Sealed edges protect the foam even if the mat is fully submerged in a liquid
    • Acts as an insulator to help keep patients warm
    Non-skid pad may be purchased separately to prevent the mat from slipping

  • Step 1: Remove all liquid and visible solids from the mat.

    Step 2: Clean both sides of the mat by applying the disinfectant product of choice and follow the dilution and contact time as instructed on the label.

    Step 3: Wipe or hang dry to be ready for the next patient.

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The Most Robust Mat on the Market

Made from a proprietary 5 layer material to withstand the demands of the clinic.

Made in USA

Double Sided with 5 Layers

A robust design built to last made by a team of bioengineers.


Provide a Stress-Free Experience

Approved by Fear Free, improves surface grip and provides comfort for patients.

Reduce Laundry

Save thousands of dollars every year by eliminating the use of towels and other washable mats.


Dental Tables

Use the 52x21 mat during dental procedures. Flip the flap over to create a pillow for the patient and place their head just off the edge of the pad. This allows water to drain down away from the patient keeping them dry and warm.


Acts as an insulator and helps keep patients warm from the cold kennel floor. If needed, use a warming system on top of the mat.

Exam Tables

Allows for a secure and comfortable place for patients to stand during exams. Use a non-skid pad underneath the mat to prevent it from sliding on the stainless steel.

Our 6 Month Warranty

In the unlikely occasion of an issue, all purchases include a 6 month warranty covering any tears to the mat or manufacturing defects.