Stable-Table Mat

$24.95 USD

Stable-Table Mat
Stable-Table Mat Stable-Table Mat Stable-Table Mat Stable-Table Mat Stable-Table Mat


The Stable-Table Mat by VetMedWear is a high-quality mat designed to stabilize pets on exam tables, scales, and other clinic surfaces leading to a more stress-free veterinary visit.

Medical Properties

Our mat is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a medical grade material with antimicrobial and tear resistant properties. PVC is the same material used in hospitals for blood intakes, catheters, heart-lung bypass sets, and a number of other medical tubing applications which must meet high tear resistance standards. 

The Stable-Table Mat's medically approved material maximizes its tear strength while maintaining a balance of softness to ensure comfort for pets. 


  • Reduces stress and anxiety for pets by providing a better surface grip
  • Easy to disinfect by wiping the surface or handwashing
  • Non-skid padded bottom layer secures and stabilizes mat onto surfaces
  • Increases professionalism 

Custom Mats

The Stable-Table mat can be customized with your logo to any size and design. Please contact us for more information. 


Available in three sizes:

1) Small - 18x26" (Small Scales)

2) Medium - 18"x33" (Medium Scales)

3) Large - 21"x36" (Exam Tables)