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HoverHeat Air Warming Pad

$295.95 USD

HoverHeat Air Warming Pad
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The HoverHeat is the only veterinary air warming system that levitates the patient allowing warm airflow to evenly pass through the underbody and overbody surface using the same air blower. It significantly improves the distribution of warm air flow throughout the patient's body which can increase the warming capacity of an existing warm air blower by 50% – 75%. The HoverHeat can be used with any existing air blower using the universal adaptor and is available in three sizes. Warm air blower is sold separately.

  • Applications
  • Benefits
  • Sizes
  • • Use for surgical, dental, endoscopy and imaging procedures

    • Use for Pre-op, Intra-op and Post-op warming

  • • Increases the warming capacity of your warm air blower by 50-75%.
    • Levitates the patient by its proprietary internal components
    • Provides a cushion of heated air to warm under and over body
    • Universal with any air blower using the adaptor
    • Easy to clean with a germicide spray

  • • Small (29" x 14")
    • Medium (35" x 17")
    • Large (40" x 20")
    • The adaptor allows connection to any air blower
    • The warming pad connector can be used to connect two HoverHeat units to provide over and under body warming with the same warm air blower.

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The Most Complete Air Warming System

Provide true under and over body warming for any procedure using your existing air blower and positioner.

Increase Warming Capacity

The HoverHeat's internal components levitate the patient allowing for low resistance warm airflow under the animal and providing a comfortable tissue-friendly warming surface. The HoverHeat can also be connected with a second warming pad placed on top for over body warming. This can increase the warming capacity of your warm air blower by 50 - 75%.

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Easy to Use & Clean

The HoverHeat is easy to use by connecting it to any airblower using the universal adaptor. There are no water warming messes, electrical warming hot spots, or costly disposable blankets that are harmful to the environment. Simply clean with a germacide spray and reuse for the next patient.

Decrease Recovery Times

The HoverHeat helps maintain body temperature significantly better than disposable blankets which lack the ability to levitate the patient and promote warm airflow throughout the entire underbody. Disposable blankets also cause warm airflow to escape from the seams reducing the ability to maintain normothermia. The HoverHeat is the more effective and environmentally friendly solution. It provides better patient warming which leads to faster recovery times and better patient care.

How to Use

Watch Dr. Lloyd Hiebert, a board certified anesthesiologist explain how to use the HoverHeat.


Pre-Operative Care

Induce anesthesia on the HoverHeat to keep patients warm from the very beginning. Pre-op warming has been shown to help maintain body temperature intraoperatively.

Intra-Operative Care

Use the HoverHeat under the patient for any procedure and over the body in non-sterile areas. Use with virtually any positioner.

Post-Operative Care

Keep patients warm throughout the post-operative recovery period to decrease recovery times and improve patient care.

Imaging Results

Without Warm Air

Infrared imaging without warm air flowing through the HoverHeat.

With Warm Air

Infrared imaging shows heat radiating from the surface of the HoverHeat when functioning with a warm air blower.

Durable & Long-Lasting

“The HoverHeat has been a great addition to our practice. After more than a year of daily abuse…..I mean, use, the 3 HoverHeats I bought have withstood everything we have thrown at them. They are an integral part of our patient warming protocol whether they are awake or under anesthesia. We use the HoverHeat literally every surgery day…….no maintenance, easy to clean and sanitize.” - Dr. Sam Wilkinson, Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic

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