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ConRad Thermal Blankets

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ConRad Thermal Blankets
ConRad Thermal Blankets ConRad Thermal Blankets ConRad Thermal Blankets ConRad Thermal Blankets ConRad Thermal Blankets

The ConRad Thermal Blanket is designed to protect against patient heat loss immediately after the induction of anesthesia by providing a barrier from convective, conductive, and radiant heat loss. This is achieved by reflecting body heat back to the patient, insulating the patient from heat loss. In addition to general surgical use there are MRI safe options available. Available in three sizes.

  • Applications
  • Benefits
  • Maintain normothermia in surgical, dental, endoscopic, and imaging (X-ray, CT) procedures with general use thermal blanket.

    MRI Safe blanket clinically proven to prevent signal loss and RF interference while avoiding heat loss.

    Tested for thermal resistance to be equivalent to an Extreme Cold Weather Polar Suit.

  • Shorter anesthesia recovery times.

    Waterproof, reusable, and easy to clean.

    No electrical components.

    Durable long lasting material.

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Protect Your Patients Against Heat Loss

Proven in clinical studies to maintain normothermia during procedures and diagnostics without the need for any electrical components.

Two Functional Options

General Use

Maintain normothermia in surgical, dental,
endoscopic, and imaging (X-ray, CT) procedures.

Proven effective in clinical studies.

Adjunct to active warming.

MRI Safe

Specifically designed to maintain normothermia during MRI.

No MRI signal loss or RF interference.

Proven effective in clinical studies.

Benefits of the ConRad Thermal Blanket

Maintain Normothermia

Two-layer internal design acts as a barrier to all three mechanisms of heat loss; conductive, convective and radiant.

Reduce Recovery Times

Patients remain virtually normothermic throughout anesthetic induction and surgery which saves your clinic valuable time and money on recovery times.

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“The ConRad® blankets did not disappoint! Not only are we saving on towel use and saving the environment by having a reusable cover that is so easily cleaned, but we are seeing an increase in temperature when we use the blankets instead of a decrease which we have come to expect no matter how hard we have tried different warming methods!”

– Fiona Crambrook, Southern Animal Hospitals, South Australia

“We have been using the Conrad® Thermal Blanket for about a month now at our clinic for anesthetic and surgical procedures. Almost immediately we noticed an improvement in aiding in temperature regulation in our anesthetized patients. Body temperatures are easily regulated and maintained even in longer procedures.”

– Dr. Paul Johnston, DVM Veterinarian, Riverside Pet Hospital, Ottawa, ON Canada