VetMed Solutions

Cat Restraint Bag | For Nail Trims, Injections, or Blood Draws

$26.99 USD

cat restraint bag zippered green nail trims


Our Cat Restraint Bag safely and comfortably restrains a cat for cephalic or saphenous blood draws, IM and IV injections, and nail trims. One person can easily restrain a cat in the bag, saving time and frustration.


  • 4 zippered entry points for the feet and two mid-point for the body to help push the required leg forward, and out of the hole.
  • Soft padded lining with Velcro collar
  • Carrying straps allow for safe and easy transport

Tips and Tricks

For fractious cats, it is recommended to burrito wrap the cat in a towel, apply a muzzle, and place into the bag. Slowly remove the towel while zipping up the bag.