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VetMedWear Recovery Suit | After Surgery Pet Clothing for Wound Protection

$29.99 USD

dog ecollar alternative vetmedwear
ecollar alternative cat dog vetmedwear recovery suit cat vetmedwear dog ecollar alternative vetmedwear dog standing plastic cone alternative cat sitting onesie cone alternative ecollar alternative cat sitting VetMedWear Suit - VetMedWear VetMedWear Recovery Suit | After Surgery Pet Clothing for Wound Protection


The VetMedWear® Suit is an e-collar alternative which provides more coverage for wounds located on the side and back where our Gown doesn't protect. Designed universal for dogs and cats.


Made from 94% organic cotton, 6% Lycra, breathable, hypoallergenic, and washable fabrics. The fabrics are specially made to be form-fitting yet stretchable to promote mobility. 

  • Features
  • Sizing
  • • Full length zipper makes it easy to apply and remove for checkups.

    • GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standards) organic cotton and dyes ensure the fabric is free of toxins and other chemicals that can be harmful to the wound.

    • Lightweight fabric provides breathability to the wound ensuring healthy incision healing.

    • Four-way stretchable fabric provides optimal comfort and mobility.

    • Allows animals to urinate without removing the garment. The male version has a urination hole for dogs that can be opened or closed. The female version has a back opening for cats and dogs.

    • Soft and stretchable leg cuffs add comfort and prevent irritation from the fabric rubbing against the body.

    • Machine washable.

    • Made from 94% organic cotton and 6% Lycra.

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Approved by Veterinarians

VetMedWear® is trusted by over 1,000 animal hospitals.


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Protects the Wound

Keeps the wound safe and protected from the external environment reducing the risk of infection.

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Increases Compliance

Tolerated by more pets than a traditional e-collar which ensures the wound stays protected and reduces the risk of post-operative complications.

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Reduces Stress

Allows pets to recover in comfort without restricting mobility or access to their food or water bowl.


Designed in collaboration with animal hospitals and veterinary institutions.

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Male Version

A closable urination hole for male dogs that can be fully spread open by snapping the tie strings to the side of the VetMedWear® Suit. This prevents the fabric from bunching and reduces the risk of pets urinating onto the garment.

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Female Version

Elasticized back opening for cats and dogs allows pets to urinate without having to remove or adjust the garment.

For Animal Hospitals

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