VetMed Solutions

VetMed Solutions to Produce Cotton Face Masks

Burlington, Ontario: VetMed Solutions has announced the company will be allocating part of its production to cotton face masks. The company is in contact with government officials to supply the masks to healthcare workers and will be offering them to animal hospitals.

“Our intention is to help supply workers with at least some level of protection during the shortage of N95 masks”, says Maciej, Co-Founder and CEO at VetMed Solutions. “It at the very least can help protect individuals from touching part of their face. This combined with enhanced hand hygiene practices and social distancing can help reduce the spread”. 

Features of the cotton face masks include:

  • A pouch for inserting an optional filter
  • Three layers of cotton fabric
  • Elastic compression around the nose

The cotton face masks will be available starting April 3 in packs of 3 and 5. For more information, visit the product page.

About VetMed Solutions: VetMed Solutions offers VetMedWear recovery garments to animal hospitals. Their products help protect wounds and offer pet owners with an alternative to the e-collar. The company also offers exam table mats, muzzles, and other stress-free solutions.


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