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VetMedWear Suit - After Surgery Pet Clothing for Wound Protection

$26.99 USD

VetMedWear Suit - VetMedWear
VetMedWear Suit - VetMedWear VetMedWear Suit - VetMedWear

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The VetMedWear Suit is an E-Collar alternative which provides more coverage for wounds located on the side and back where our Gown doesn't protect. Designed for dogs, but also universal for cats and rabbits.


Made from 95% pure cotton, 5% lycra, breathable, hypoallergenic, and washable fabrics. The fabrics are specially made to be form-fitting yet stretchable to promote mobility. 

Blue For Males 

The blue suit has a urination hole which is covered by a flap secured by Velcro during the recovery period. Before going for a walk, simply open the flap and attach it to the Velcro strip located on the side of the Suit. Using this feature is recommended for middle to larger sized pets, removing the Suit may be an easier process for smaller pets.

Pink for Females

The pink Suit has a unique trim at the back to allow females to perform all bodily functions without removing the Suit.

How to Apply

Easy, quick, and convenient to put on. Simply guide your pet's legs into the Suit and use the zipper to secure it. 

Size Guide

Step 1: Ensure your pet is standing straight on a hard surface.

Step 2: Measure the distance from the start of the neck to tail (a). Then measure the width around the upper body (b).

Step 3: Match the measurements to the size guide below.