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Surgical Positioning Device

$199.95 USD

Surgical Positioning Device
Surgical Positioning Device Surgical Positioning Device Surgical Positioning Device Surgical Positioning Device Surgical Positioning Device
The hug-u-vac is a surgical positioning system that can be used in various applications. This device is easy to clean using any veterinary disinfectant and wiping down the surface. 

    • When to Use
    • Advantages
    • Care and Cleaning
    • • Pre-op Prep – shaving or sterile scrub
      •Surgery – ventral, dorsal or lateral position
      •Post-op Recovery – prevent aspiration
      •Radiological Exams – precise positioning for accurate x-rays
      •Ultrasound and CT scans
      •Emergency Transport
      •Newborn Care – positioning and heat conservation

    • •Designed for Office, Hospital and Field Use
      •Conforms Gently to Body Contours
      •Pressure Sore Prevention
      •Secure head and neck support
      •Body Heat Conservation
      •Emergency Fracture Stabilization
      •Secure Head and Neck Support
      •X-Ray Lucent

    • Clean with any standard veterinary cleaner using their cleaning instructions.

    How to use

    Choosing the Correct Size

    Choose the correct size of Hug-U-Vac positioner that will secure the hips, head and neck.

    Prepare the Hug U Vac

    Lay the selected positioner on a flat surface and evenly spread out the beads.

    Position Animal

    Place the animal in the longitudinal center of the HUG-U-VAC. The HUG-U-VAC system is not a restraint system for struggling uncontrolled animals. Make certain that the head and neck are in the neutral position. When the desired position is achieved, fold up the sides of the HUG-U-VAC to snugly to the animal’s body.

    Activate the Vacuum

    While an assistant snugly holds the sides of the Huh U Vac to the contours of the animal, apply the vacuum. Push the two couplings of the evacuation valve together until an audible click is heard and until the red indicator ring is not visible. Connect the hose from the manual vacuum pump to the barbed end of the evacuation valve to evacuate the air from the Hug U Vac.

    Evacuate sufficiently to make the HUG-U-VAC firm to provide secure support to the animal. When satisfied with the achieved support, press the metal thumb latch to close the evacuation valve (CLOSED position). Then detach the vacuum hose from the barbed end of the evacuation valve.

    Removing the Vacuum

    When removing the Vacuum Hose from the barbed end of the valve, grasp the barbed end of the valve and the end of the Vacuum Hose attached to the valve with your thumb and index finger. Then gently wiggle them apart. Do not pull the Vacuum Hose and valve apart forcibly; you will break the valve.