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Dent-X FN95-510 Respirator Mask in Black

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Dent-X FN95-510 Respirator Mask in Black

Dent-X FN95-510 respirator is made in Canada and its shape can be adjusted to provide a better fit. One Standard fit for adults. Available in packs of 10 in black. Sales are final. 


  • Made in Canada
  • Four-layer design with filtration efficiency ≥98%
  • Latex and fiberglass free
  • Hypoallergenic, very comfortable, and highly breathability
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Ear loop design

Available in a pack of 10. 

 Test Health Canada Requirements NIOSH Requirements FN95-510
Particle Filter Efficiency >95% >95% Pass
Inhalation Airflow Resistance < 35 mmH2O (343.2 Pa) < 35 mmH2O (343.2 Pa) Pass
Exhalation Airflow Resistance < 25 mmH2O (245.2 Pa) < 25 mmH2O (245.2 Pa) Pass
Mechanical Strength of Head Strap 10N (0.98kg) Per strap 2.2kg Per Strap Pass