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VetMedWear® Recovery Garments

Increase compliance and provide comfort for your patients. VetMedWear is a complete line of recovery garments designed to replace the e-collar.

Veterinary Approved E-Collar Alternatives

VetMedWear Suit

Includes a full length zipper making it quick and easy to apply. Made from a special blend of organic cotton providing optimal breathability to the wound for a safe recovery. Versatile for cats and dogs.

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An ear wrap for dogs designed to secure and protect the ears. Assists in the healing of aural hematomas, abrasions, and lump removals. Fully adjustable with snaps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

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Hip & Thigh Protective Sleeve

A full length sleeve for dogs after orthopedic recoveries designed to protect the wound or bandaging. Includes a stiffener to prevent bunching with reflective tape for improved visibility at night.

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Forearm & Shoulder Protective Sleeve

A full length sleeve for cats and dogs designed to protect the forearm after IV catheters or for shoulder wounds.

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VetMedWear is proven through studies to improve recovery outcomes and client satisfaction when compared to an e-collar.


Find out why over 1,000 animal hospitals recommend using VetMedWear.

We have been using the VetMedWear Gown since December, 2017. The garments are a success with the clients and the patients, as well as the staff. About 90% of the time, my clients choose VetMedWear! We have found we have a much higher owner compliance rate and have dramatically reduced the post-op complications by using VetMedWear.”

– Dr. Bader, Owner

I feel that since we’ve starting using VetMedWear, our post-operative patients seem to be much calmer and happier post op, and so are the owners. Patient and owner compliance is also higher with keeping the surgical site clean and protected. We will keep recommending them to all of our surgical patients! Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

– Wanda, Office Manager

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