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Administering tranquilizers to a cat can be dangerous, but is often seen as necessary to keep the animal calm during treatments. The Purr-Muzzle relaxes cats so that oral exams can be completed without the need for medication.

dental examination muzzle for cats purr muzzle

Typically, with muzzles of the past, a doctor would have to compromise on a visual examination of the patient in order to safeguard themselves and their staff from nervous and aggressive patients; the cat would usually paw-off the muzzle, and the lack of vision usually makes the patient more nervous. The new, clear muzzle allows the doctor to lift the felines gums through the front access point and inspect the dental health of the animal through the plastic face-guard.

The nylon restraint is designed to keep the clear plastic cone in place even whilst the feline attempts to paw off the restraint. The nylon restraint also has a unique effect on the cat, causing a deep sense of relaxation.

The pressure the cuff puts on the patient’s neck resembles the pressure that is given when a mother cat picks up its kittens, thus placing the patient in a disarming state which is ideal for administering medications or taking a blood samples from the normally alarmed and defensive cat.


dental examination muzzle cats