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Protective Dressing for Upper Body

This protective dressing is an E-Collar alternative designed to protect the upper body and neck during post-operative care or in cases of skin disease. It is highly versatile and may be adjusted to protect other areas such as the lower body.

dog ecollar alternative after surgery dressing


To determine the correct size, measure the distance around the upper body and refer to the sizing chart below.

plastic cone alternative for animals


• Higher patient and owner compliance from keeping the surgical site clean and protected

• Provides comfort, mobility, and reduces stress

• Increases customer satisfaction and eliminates E-Collar complaints

• Reduces the risk of infection by protecting the wound


• Secured by tying the first pair of strings around the neck and other two pairs of strings behind the front legs

• Stretchable fabrics promote mobility and ensure comfort

High Quality Fabrics

• Made from 100% cotton, breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics making it safe for animals.

• Reusable after washing in high temperatures