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Oxygen Bag

The oxygen bag or tent for animals is a patented product designed for administering oxygen or drugs. It may be used for a variety of other applications including keeping animals warm after surgery or for newborns, and for treating hypothermia. The oxygen bag is a very high quality product meeting the most stringent veterinary standards.

oxygen bag therapy for dogs


• Contains an inlet and outlet on the two sides of the oxygen bag which match with the connectors of veterinary equipment. Each oxygen bag also comes with a blue equipment connector.
• The bottom contains a layer of thermal foam to preserve heat and protect the animal from cool surfaces
• The two bottom layers may be pulled open to insert a heating pad for additional warmth
• The top of the oxygen bag contains a handle for carrying small animals


oxygen tent for dogs oxygen bag for cat

• The two transparent walls on the front and back allow for constant monitoring of the animal
• Convenient and easy to use. No assembly is necessary and the oxygen bag can be easily opened/closed using the zipper
• Reduces stress and anxiety since animals can comfortably recover while maintaining full vision
• Reusable after disinfection


oxygen therapy for animals