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Frequently Asked Questions – For After Surgery Wear E-Collar Alternative 

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Product Questions

Q: How do male animals go on walks?

A: To prevent access to the wound, After Surgery Wear does not have an opening for male animals to urinate. Before letting your pet out, the product must be partially removed from the back legs by following the instructions below:

STEP 1: Untie the last two pairs of strings and take the product off from the back legs.

STEP 2: Tightly roll and compress the fabric forward while tucking in one pair of strings and leaving one pair out

STEP 3: Retie the pair of strings left outside around the body and ensure the area is clear to allow the animal to urinate

STEP 4: Dress the animal back after returning from the walk and visually verify that the fabric is clean

Q: How do female animals go on walks?

A: After Surgery Wear has a cut in the back to allow most female animals to urinate/excrete without removing the product. It is recommended to perform a visual check upon applying the product to ensure your pet can safely urinate with the product on.

Q: Do all cats and dogs tolerate After Surgery Wear?

A: Yes, usually cats and dogs tolerate the dressings. After Surgery Wear is specifically designed for animals in order to optimize comfort and effectiveness although it is easier for cats to adjust to the dressing while still under anesthesia.

Q: What’s the difference between the durable and robust fabrics?

A: Our two fabric types ensure comfort and safety is optimized for animals. Durable fabrics come in a mix of colours and are stretchable while robust fabrics are only available in teal green and are non-stretchable. The non-stretchable feature provides extra strength against wear and tear of the dressing.

Q: Are the post-operative dressings reusable? How do I wash them?

A: Yes, After Surgery Wear is reusable after sterilizing or machine washing in high temperatures (95 degrees max). Before washing the product, it is recommended to tie a knot at the end of each string to reduce the possibility of fraying. To minimize the possibility of shrinkage, hang to dry.

Q: Do all units come with a hygienic pad? What can I use it for?

A: Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, ML, and L come with an adhesive hygienic pad which may be used for additional protection and to absorb discharge. The absorbed discharge may also be used by clinicians for diagnostic purposes. Please contact us if you require additional hygienic pads. Alternatively, a regular feminine pad may be used available at a local drug store.

Q: How can I choose the right size for patients?

A: After Surgery Wear is available in nine sizes to ensure a proper fit for nearly all cats and dogs. To determine the correct size, measure the distance between the center of the upper front leg to the center of the upper back leg. If the sizing falls in between, it is recommended to select a larger size. The cotton strings may be adjusted in length which ensures a custom and secure fit for every animal

Q: Should I trim the strings?

A: To accommodate to all sizes of animals and ensure the product is universal, the strings come a little longer than needed for most animals. If the strings appear too long after tying them on the animal, then yes it is recommended to shorten their length by trimming the end. For multiple use do not trim the ends but tuck the excess under the dressing. It is recommended to tie a single knot at the end of each one. The knot will also prevent the strings from fraying during the wash after they are trimmed.

Q: How should I tie the strings?

A: Always start with the middle string. In the event that the product is slightly looser on the animal, or the last strings are over the animal’s tail, the last pair of strings should be crisscrossed with the second last pair of strings to ensure a secure fit (Tie the left side of the last string with the right side of the second last string and vice-versa).

How can I place an order?

A: Online: through our order form

A: By Phone: We accept Visa, MasterCard, and usually ship the same day. Call us at 1-888-976-8696 at any time of the day and week to place an order.

A: By Email: We check emails constantly and will respond to your requests immediately. Simply email us at: and we will call you back to confirm your order.

How to Stay Connected

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