The Effective Alternative to the E-Collar


The Professional E-Collar Alternative 

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After Surgery Wear is a patented post-operative dressing designed to protect abdominal wounds from scratching, biting, or licking medicine. It’s a reliable and effective solution that meets the highest standards of veterinary medicine.

ecollar alternative

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Used by Animal Hospitals Worldwide for Over 25 Years


• Over 1 Million animals have safely recovered

• 1000+ animal hospitals use After Surgery Wear



Award Winning

veterinary ecollar alternative

After Surgery Wear has won several awards throughout veterinary conferences including the “Leader of New Veterinary Technologies” and “Most Innovative Product” in 2009

Benefits For Your Hospital

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1. Effective post-operative care

2. Increases patient and owner compliance

3. Increases client satisfaction

4. High margins


Benefits for Animals

Comfort: allows animals to eat, sleep, and drink

Mobility: Freedom and movement around the house & car interiors

Safety: protection from external contamination when going on walks

Reduces Stress: Can replace e-collars and alleviate unnecessary stress after surgeries

 ecollar alternative