VMS - United States

About Us

Our Story

VetMedWear was started with one mission: to provide comfort, mobility, and reduce stress for animals after their surgery by eliminating the need to use an E-Collar.

To make this happen, we collaborated with a team of veterinarians to develop a complete line of post-surgical garments specifically designed for animals which not only provide comfort but are proven to be safer and more effective than an E-Collar.

Today, our post-surgical garments are used by over 1,000 animal hospitals worldwide and meet all national and state veterinary standards. We continue to rapidly grow as more and more animal hospitals switch from E-Collars to VetMedWear every single day.

Our Team

We love animals and it breaks our hearts seeing them suffer with an E-Collar. This drives us every single day to meet our mission of providing comfort and mobility for as many animals as possible.

Our Research

We are continuously innovating and developing new products that bring comfort for animals through partnerships with animal hospitals, universities, and pet owners.

Our Donation Program

We support a number of humane societies and other non-profits through product donations to help animals most in need. If you would like to receive a donation, please contact us and we would be more than happy to support you.