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“Need these in Vet offices! love it. So much better than those damn cones! Our maltipoo pulled her stitches out, ordered this when they put staples in and no problems!”

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“I can’t say enough about this product ! I currently have a 30 lb and growing golden doodle who was just spayed. I HATE E- collars and think they compound the recovery situation so I took a chance on getting this. I am so happy I did ! My dog was totally comfortable wearing it for 5 days. She was able to move freely and do her “business” without a problem. In fact, by day 4 she was jumping the dog gate indicating to me she was healing fine. Not once, did she ever try to remove it or bite the incision site. She totally ignored it ! I did not need to use the included kotex type liner and on day 3 I peeked at the incision. NO redness, swelling or infection. It was wonderful ! I took it off on day 5 just to see if she would notice the incision but she didn’t, so I have left it off. I inspected it after she wore it for 5 straight days and nothing was soiled ! No stains anywhere ! How awesome is that ? I bought a size Med/large and it was a tad small but it worked just fine since the fabric stretches with the dog. If I had to do it again I would get a large because she is such a long puppy and all legs.”

– Braintired

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“This was a godsend! Highly recommend this for anyone who has a smart dog and can figure out how to get out of his collar or scratches at an incision with hind legs!”

– Jennifer Wilson

dog ecollar alternative

“We luckily ordered two…fit our kitten perfectly. Much nicer than being a cone head!”

– Robert A. Flippin,

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“My dog had lower abdominal surgery. With a cone she obsessively licked the area. Got a bigger cone, she still managed to pull some sutures out. Both of us miserable. Ordered this, the results are like magic. She no longer shows an interest in the surgery area. She’s walking comfortably and seems her old self. Plus, she can go potty without the garment getting soiled while wearing it. The measurement chart for ordering is accurate. This product has given us both peace of mind. Thank you!!!!”

– Garden Girl







“Loved this item. I bought one bigger than the size my dog needed and it is a little small especially after I washed it. The ties did kinda get strings on them after the wash also. I think it is a great alternative to an ecollar. My dog hated the e-collar and he will tolerate this suit. I actually ordered another one in a larger size so that I have one to wash and one to wear.”

– Karen C. Painter

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“I cannot overstate how great these surgical shirts are for my little tripod kitty. Monty was attacked by an animal, had his leg mangled, and subsequently had one of his back legs removed. I modified this surgical shirt with gauze bandages and tape over the hole where the amputated leg would normally be located. These gauze covers the rather large incision and really helps to keep the incision clean and dry, and also keeps him from roughing it up with his sandpaper kitty tongue. I keep a couple of clean ones ready made for backup when it needs to be changed. These wash very easily in the washing machine using the hot water cycle. I dry in the dryer until slightly damp, and then air dry the rest of the way. I use kinesiology tape to hold the gauze bandage in place, as I find this type of tape very stretchy and it holds very well, yet peels off easily before tossing the shirt into the wash. I used a different brand of surgical shirt for a few days, but this particular brand is much easier to get on and off with the string ties, and also has a large opening in the back which allows the kitty to use the litter box with no issues. My cat is about three to four months old, and the xs is a perfect fit.”

– Docnarc

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“This – by far – beats the cone of shame, according to our cat. She was wishing death upon us for cursing her with the cone, plus she would get the cone off occasionally. This product, essentially a hospital gown for pets, allowed us to remove the cone. We double tied just to be sure, but she has not tried to get it off. It serves two purposes – it keeps her away from her incision (which she had opened while on the cone) – and it limits her movements since she seems to feel restricted by it, helping avoid straining the incision. She can now eat, drink, and use the litterbox as usual. Be sure to cross-tie the back two tie pairs to prevent the back pair from slipping down over the tail (could be a mess). I’m going to recommend this to our vet – would be a great product for them to offer.”

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“I just received mine…I have a Maltese that had surgery on Monday and her abdominal wound is pretty big. I ordered a small but I think an xs is what she needed because I have to take it off of her to go to the bathroom..but it’s so much better than the cone! Bumping into things and getting stuck under the bed won’t happen with this! So far so good!”

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“My kitty liked this much better compared to the regular E collar. The fabric is breathable as described. Her wound healed well.”

– Eva